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Conservation Development

A series of interconnected residential and commercial villages will offer sustainable and modern urban living harmoniously integrated with nature. The developer’s commitment to wildlife conservation has seen 65% of the land set aside for the preservation and protection of local flora and fauna.

The project is driven by the land owners Crookes Brothers Limited, a JSE-listed company well known to the local community for contributing to the growth of the Scottburgh AREA for over a century.

The vast scale of the property (over 350 hectares), coupled with the ability to control development responsibly over a period of twenty years, gives stakeholders a realistic expectation that their investment and the potential of the area will be maximised, challenging entrenched notions of projects of this kind.

Preserving a
sense of place for
future generations

Solar panels, gray water harvesting, passive cooling and architectural use of shutters and wide patios for natural ventilation inform the design philosophy. We aim to create as light a footprint as possible.

With indigenous gardening expert Elsa Pooley overseeing the landscaping, planting and rehabilitation of the area, the developments will be both water- wise and attract abundant birdlife.

Conservation areas set aside on the estates will be converted to indigenous coastal forest and grassland over time to create a sustainable and pleasant place to live.

With over 100 years of Crookes Bros Limited history in the Scottburgh area, places like the Renishaw village and the old mill site will not lose their character when redeveloped but instead be preserved and celebrated.